Poster Terminology

What is a Teaser Poster?

* A Teaser poster is a poster that is issued months before the movie is released, sometimes up to one year before.
Quite often containing very little, such as single pictures or single words, these posters are issued to generate initial hype & interest in the movie.

Examples (from your left to right):
- Die Another Day (2002) US One Sheet Teaser
- Quantum of Solace US One Sheet Teaser

ha_DAD_US_One_Sheet_Teaser_336_x_500.jpg CMP_QOS_US_One_Sheet_Teaser_Style_A_336_x_500.jpg

What is an Advance Poster?

* An Advance poster is a poster that is issued usually 2-4 months before the release of a movie.
They are often almost identical to the regular poster, with only an extra line added, such as "Coming Soon" or "This Summer".

- For Your Eyes Only US One Sheet Advance
Notice on the close up photo (on your right) the words "Coming This Summer".

CMP_FYEO_US_One_Sheet_Advance_Coming_This_Summer_Style_331_x_500.jpg foryoureyesonlycloseup405x150.jpg

What is a Regular Poster?

* A Regular poster is the main poster used in the promotion of a movie.
It contains the final artwork and design.

Examples (from your left to right):
- For Your Eyes Only US One Sheet (notice the difference between this poster and the Advance poster above)
- Die Another Day (2002) US One Sheet

CMP_FYEO_US_One_Sheet_328_x_500.jpg ha_DAD_US_One_Sheet_336_x_500.jpg

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